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Karu Distillery, Morita Chipotle Vodka, 42% ABV, 700 ml with a Vodka Paloma cocktail. A single vodka brand took the platinum medal, and three vodkas took gold medals at the 2023 Las Vegas Global.

Try These Pink Starburst Drinks the Next Time You’re Craving Candy

Starburst Infused Vodka. If you like your vodka sweet, then you are going to love this Starburst infused vodka recipe. Jen from Mix That Drink approached this infusion with gusto, creating bottles for every flavor in the pack — even combining the strawberry and lemon ones for an experimental flavor. The Starburst completely broke down within.

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Put 18 Starbursts of one flavor into a bottle at least 8.5 ounces in size. Repeat this process with each flavor until you have 5 bottles of Starbursts. Pour 7 ounces of vodka into each bottle. Cap the bottle and shake it vigorously to get the infusion process started.

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Directions. Fill glass with ice cubes. Combine 2 ounces of vodka and about 6 ounces of lemonade in a cocktail shaker, with a little bit of ice. Give a few good shakes to mix, then strain and pour the mixture into your prepared glass. Serve with a side of pink Starburst candies (unwrapped).

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Step 1: Place about 8 pink Starburst candies into a jar or container with a lid. Pour 8 ounces of vodka/rum over the Starburst and cover the container with an airtight lid. Allow candies to dissolve in the alcohol for about 24 hours. Stir or swirl occasionally to help combine the mixture.

Finding Bibelots Starburst Vodka

Add vodka, seal and shake. Store in a dark place, such as a kitchen cabinet, for 3 days. Make sure to shake the jar a couple times a day. Strain any pieces of candy out of the vodka. You can either eat them or toss. Add ice to a cocktail shaker then pour in 2 ounces (1/4 cup) vodka and 1 cup strawberry lemonade.

Candy Booze Orange Starburst Vodka

1. Edge shot glasses in corn syrup and pink sugar. 2. Combine vanilla vodka, watermelon pucker, and sweet and sour mix in an ice-filled glass. 3. Shake well. 4. Strain into shot glass. 5.


Super delicious pink Starburst drink recipe that will please any crowd. Easy to prepare Starburst vodka drink that you will make all the time. Make for parties or happy hour. Quick Starburst alcohol drink that is so yummy. If you love Starburst candy you are going to love this alcoholic drink. Get ready to make the best pink Starburst cocktail.

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Instructions. In a small bottle add your vodkas & a handful of pink starburst- allow to sit in the bottle overnight in the fridge or at least a few hours, shaking occasionally (helping them dissolve as much as possible. Then, Fill a glass with ice. First add your liquor/starburst mix, then Sprite and juices. Stir with straw and top with a few.

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To make this cocktail, fill a highball glass with nugget ice or chopped ice. Pour two shots of the vodka into the glass. Stir the ice to break it up. Then top off the vodka with the berry lemonade. Stir to combine the vodka and sparkling water. Garnish this berry lemonade vodka cocktail with berries like raspberries as well as some mint.

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The candy gives the drink the blush color you'd expect from a Cosmo, and since it sweetens the vodka too, there's no need for cranberry juice. Unless you really want to add a splash. We didn't.

Starburst Vodka tastes just like Starburst candies! It's fun and easy

The vanilla vodka is truly a key ingredient to achieve the true pink starburst flavor. However, if you cannot find it, use regular vodka and add ½ a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Even more, you can use a rum in place of the vodka. It would add a bit of a unique island like flavor vs. fruity flavor.

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Step 1: counting, measuring and separating. As I said above, you need about 2.5-3 Starbursts per ounce of vodka. You'll also want to use an ounce or so less vodka than you want for the finished product, because the Starbursts are going to fill up the bottle a little bit, too. I wanted to make 5 batches at 8 ounces each, so for each batch I.

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Directions. Step 1 Unwrap the sweets and put into a large clean jar. Close the lid and let sit overnight, shaking occasionally. Step 2 The next day, do not shake, and strain the vodka through.

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Vanilla Vodka. Vanilla is an essential flavor element as it really makes it taste like a pink Starburst shooter. There are two options to add this flavor element: Option 1 - Use vanilla vodka. Option 2 - Use regular vodka but add 1/8 tsp of real vanilla extract to the mix for each shot.

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1 cup cold whipped cream flavored vodka. ½ cup cold water. 16 pink Starburst strawberry candies, unwrapped. 1. Put jello shot containers on a baking sheet or tray (to be able to easily move them). 2. Put jello into a large glass bowl with a spout or glass measuring cup and whisk in boiling water until it's combined.