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Smirnoff Blueberry's tasty fruit-infused flavor allows for endless unique mixed drink ideas. Includes one 70 proof 1 L bottle of Smirnoff Blueberry. Please enjoy responsibly. Infused with a natural blueberry flavor for a smooth and delicious taste. 70 Proof. Perfect for drinking on its own or with mixed beverages. Certified Kosher and gluten.

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Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade. Submitted by Smirnoff. save Download Print Share. I Made This. Add your photo Ready In: 2mins. Ingredients: 2 Serves: 1. Nutrition information Advertisement. ingredients Units: US. 1 1 ⁄ 2 ounces Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka; 3 ounces lemonade.

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A 12-ounce bottle of Smirnoff Ice, at just 4.5% ABV contains about 220 calories and 26 grams of carbohydrates; compare this to a 14% ABV Four Loko which contains closer to 400 calories per 12-ounce serving (though the standard can is closer to two full servings). If you're seeking a lighter option, veer away from the brands with all the candy.

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Now available on shelves nationwide, Smirnoff Blue Raspberry Lemonade has a recommended retail price of $11.99 for a 750 ml bottle and contains 30 percent alcohol by volume (ABV). Also on the.

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Infused with a natural blueberry flavor for a smooth and delicious taste, Smirnoff Blueberry is the perfect Vodka Specialty for your next cocktail party. Triple distilled, this 70 proof specialty spirit is smooth enough to sip on the rocks or in a cocktail recipe with a fruity twist. Simply mix this vodka specialty with club soda, lemonade or cranberry juice for a refreshing tasting drink to.

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1 oz simple syrup. 6-8 fresh mint leaves. Soda water to top. Fresh blueberries and mint sprig for garnish. Instructions: In a glass, muddle the mint leaves with simple syrup. Add blueberry vodka and lime juice. Fill the glass with ice and top with soda water. Stir gently, then garnish with fresh blueberries and a mint sprig.

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This Variety Pack includes 3 cans each of Pink Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Blue Raspberry Lemonade and Pineapple Lemonade. Neon Lemonades are 4.5% alcohol by volume and have less than 100 calories per 12-ounce can. Chill and enjoy straight from the can or pour it in a glass over ice. This truly refreshing tasting, lightly carbonated drink is.

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Smirnoff Blueberry is infused with the flavour of juicy and ripe blueberries for the smoothest taste possible. Blueberry. Blueberry. Cherry. Citrus. Green Apple. Lime. Orange. Peach. Raspberry. Vanilla. Watermelon. Peppermint Twist. 750ML. BUY NOW. For when you need a kick of flavour, Smirnoff is here. People also viewed. Smirnoff Classic Flavours.

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Indulge in nostalgia with Smirnoff Blue Raspberry Lemonade. It offers a bright blue raspberry aroma mixed with nostalgic cotton candy and zesty lemonade. The flavors of sweet blue raspberry are balanced by a slightly tart, zesty lemonade with a lingering blue raspberry finish. Best enjoyed with club soda and ice or as a shot to celebrate a hot summer night. Please drink responsibly.

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Smirnoff Twist of Orange Flavored Vodka. $13. 90 / 100. Smirnoff Red White and Berry Vodka. $11. 86 / 100. Smirnoff Ice-Twisted V Green Apple Bite. $4. Find the best local price for Smirnoff Blueberry & Lemonade.

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Smirnoff now produces over 25 flavors and varieties of Smirnoff ICE. Please enjoy Smirnoff Premium Flavored Malt Beverages responsibly. • 4.5% ABV. • Flavor: Delicious blend of sweet blueberry and citrus lemonade flavors. • Taste: Lightly carbonated with sweet and tangy taste.

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Smirnoff Classic Flavors. 17 Flavors. Made with triple distilled vodka, we have Smirnoff flavors for all occasions and all adventures. Enjoy our smooth and juicy Blueberry flavor. A Smirnoff flavor made with vodka infused with ripe blueberry flavor, perfect for your blueberry vodka cocktail.

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OVERVIEW. Details. United States - 30% - NEW SMIRNOFF BLUE RASPBERRY LEMONADE combines the nostalgic taste of blue raspberries over sweet and refreshing lemonade flavor for a taste-bud bursting drink. This flavor-blasted liquid is perfect for anytime, anywhere moments. BRAND.

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Shop for Smirnoff Premium Blueberry Hard Lemonade (6 bottles / 11.2 fl oz) at Kroger. Find quality adult beverage products to add to your Shopping List or order online for Delivery or Pickup.