Actress Stephanie LeviJohn Reflects On Her Role In The Period Drama

INTERVIEW Stephanie LeviJohn

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Stephanie Levi-John says she nearly gave up acting before landing her role in period drama, The Spanish Princess. She plays Lina who was a real-life lady in waiting to Catherine of Aragon. The.

Stephanie LeviJohn in ‘The Spanish Princess’ (2019) Lady in waiting

Stephanie Levi-John Gives a Face to Moors in Starz' 'The Spanish Princess' Stephanie Levi-John (Courtesy photo) Actress Stephanie Levi-John, 30, of African-Caribbean descent, has a crisp.

Stephanie LeviJohn Gives a Face to Moors in Starz’ ‘The Spanish

We speak to actress Stephanie-Levi John about building self belief, her promising journey in the industry so far and her role in the Starz series 'The Spanish Princess'. After a visit to the National Theatre at the tender age of 8 years old, Stephanie Levi-John was greeted with the profound realisation that acting could be a career for.

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The Spanish Princess 's Stephanie Levi-John on Changing the Face of Period Drama Prior to taking on the role of Lina, Catherine of Aragon's closest confident, she "didn't even realize" Black.

Stephanie LeviJohn attends the 2019 Winter TCA Tour STARZ Red

Lina (Stephanie Levi-John) and Oviedo (Aaron Cobham) in 'The Spanish Princess'. (Image by Starz) There's a true love story there, says co-creator of The Spanish Princess, Emma Frost. "We only have tiny nuggets from history about this, but we have every reason to believe that Lina and Oviedo had a very successful, long and happy marriage.

Stephanie LeviJohn in ‘The Spanish Princess’ (2019). Costume drama

Stephanie Levi-John is interviewed by Scott Davis for Part Two of STARZ's The Spanish Princess, created by Emma Frost and starring Charlotte Hope, Ruairi O'C.

Actress Stephanie LeviJohn Reflects On Her Role In The Period Drama

Stephanie Levi-John as Lina de Cardonnes, a Morisco lady-in-waiting to Catherine of Aragon Gordon Kennedy as John Stewart, Duke of Albany Alan McKenna as Sir Richard Pole Alexandra Moen as Elizabeth of York, Queen of England Ruairi O'Connor as Harry, Duke of York, later King Henry VIII of England

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Stephanie LeviJohn Gives a Face to Moors in Starz’ ‘The Spanish

Lina (Stephanie Levi-John) and Oviedo's (Aaron Cobham) love story continues in season 2 of The Spanish Princess. Speaking to, Levi-John calls Lina and Oviedo "relationship goals," and speaks to the power of depicting Black love in a period drama.

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Nevertheless, even the actress who plays Lina, Stephanie Levi-John, was surprised to pop up in a traditional period drama like The Spanish Princess. "Honestly, probably six months before I even.

INTERVIEW Stephanie LeviJohn

Spanish princess Catherine of Aragon navigates the royal lineage of England with an eye on the throne. Creators Emma Frost Matthew Graham Stars Laura Carmichael Aaron Cobham Charlotte Hope See production info at IMDbPro STREAMING S1-2 S1-2 RENT/BUY from $12.99 Add to Watchlist

Exclusive Stephanie LeviJohn and Aaron Cobham On Playing Black's Wilson Morales recently spoke with Stephanie Levi-John ("The English Game," "Game of Thrones") and Aaron Cobham ("Delicious," Teen Spirit) on playing Black characters on the show. Levi-John is Catherine of Aragon's lady-in-waiting and confidante, Lina de Cardonnes, while Cobham is Oviedo a young soldier of the.

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Stephanie Levi-John: I drew from real life, in a sense. In talking about things like my career, I felt very much like an outsider. Sometimes, it was like life imitating art in trying to understand, gain your craft, get the information, and feed it back to the right people, having that want and desire to do a great job but knowing there are.

Stephanie LeviJohn attends the 2019 Winter TCA Tour STARZ Red

Stephanie Levi-John is a prominent English actress known for her diverse roles in television and film productions. Hailing from North London, the actress embraced her passion for acting at a young age and has steadily built her career in the entertainment industry.

Actress Stephanie LeviJohn attends the 2019 Winter TCA Tour STARZ

The woman behind Lina herself, Stephanie Levi-John had some encouraging words about the future of their romance. "These people love each other. That just continues on," she told Decider during.