Microgreens What they are, health benefits, easy recipes

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Directions. Add 2 eggs, 2 tbsp water, 2 tbsp grated coconut, 2 tbsp finely chopped onion, 1 tsp tomato, 1 green chili, ¼ tsp pepper powder & salt as required in a mixing bowl.

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Indian cuisine offers a plethora of delicious recipes incorporating microgreens. Sprinkle microgreens on salads for an added burst of freshness or blend them into smoothies for an extra nutritional…

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Fresh and flavorful, these Grilled Salmon Burgers are a fun and healthy 30-minute recipe made with juicy grilled salmon, microgreens, and creamy Garlic Lemon Aioli. Enjoy these easy Salmon Burgers at your next game day celebration, summer BBQ, or weeknight dinner.

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Instructions. Pressure cook the dal with the fenugreek microgreens, tomato, turmeric powder, cumin, green chillies and water for 5 whistles. Once the pressure subsides, smash until the dal is smooth with no lumps.

10 Best Microgreens Recipes

Microgreens have become a popular addition to Indian cuisine due to their immense nutritional benefits and versatility. From the traditional gajar ka halwa with fresh carrot microgreens to creative recipes like quinoa biryani topped off with spicy radish sprouts, there's no limit to how you can use them in your cooking.

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coursey of Florida Microgreens. This lemony pasta has a unique and distinctly Mediterranean taste to it. The arugula microgreens add a nice peppery flavor to balance out the lemon and garlic flavors. The recipe recommends spaghetti or zucchini noodles, but the sauce goes great with most types of pasta.

Indian Microgreens dishes/ Microgreens Recipes in hindi /How to eat

Well, power pack your pizza with nutrition by adding microgreens as one of the toppings. You can add microgreens in the dough you knead for rotis. Make microgreen rotis. Add microgreens while boiling plain rice. These are only a few examples of how my friend uses microgreens in her kitchen. Her children relish " ghar ka khana " now.

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1 1/4 pounds mustard greens, stemmed, or broccoli rabe, trimmed and chopped. 1/2 pound cleaned spinach. 2 tablespoons cornmeal. 6 garlic cloves, chopped

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Considered by some as the Indian comfort food, every household has its own recipe. The only ingredients are rice and lentils, and some herbs. Add lentil microgreens to the recipe, and you just did a 10x on your nutrients. I went looking and found "India's Only Authentic Khichdi Restaurant Chain."

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#microgreensdishes #microgreensrecipeinhindi #greensochIndian Microgreens dishes/ Microgreens Recipes in hindi /How to eat microgreensDear Friends, Welcome t.

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Microgreens Methi Thepla is healthy, and a delicious Indian flatbread made with microgreens fenugreek, a combination of whole wheat flour and chickpea flour, and some spices.. The microgreens fenugreek used in this recipe is homegrown. I have used around half of the microgreens, as shown in the pic below, for this recipe.

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Micro greens are harvested when the plant just begins to sprout; the leaves are tender and young.. Recommended recipes-. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the most celebrated face of Indian cuisine. He is Chef extraordinaire, runs a successful TV Channel FoodFood, hosted Khana Khazana cookery show on television for more than 17 years, author of 150.

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Most Trending Microgreens in Indian Cooking. Most widely used in Indian cooking are Coriander, fenugreek, fava beans, radish, mustard, chickpea, cilantro, basil, lettuce, kale, baby spinach, beet, pea shoots, mung bean and a lot more.. Other recipe ideas where you can add microgreens are burgers, sandwiches, salads, stir-fries, can be used.

Microgreens What they are, health benefits, easy recipes

To cook microgreens Indian-style, consider incorporating them into traditional recipes such as pakoras or salads. Microgreens can add a fresh, vibrant element to these dishes, enhancing both the flavor and visual appeal.

12 Microgreen Recipes Packed With Macro Flavor Microgreens recipe

These microgreens recipes will give your menu a healthy boost! From hummus to falafel bowls, these tasty dishes prove that microgeens are small but mighty.. It's whole wheat and chickpea flour-based with warming spice and microgreens. This Indian treat is a fantastic addition to curries and butter chicken. I like to pair it with chutney.