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In Fire Emblem Fates, choosing the right assortment of classes is the key to victory. To properly plan your conquering strategy, you need to plan which classes to use, which to spend your precious.

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Classes in Fire Emblem Fates Categories: Classes Classes in Fire Emblem Fates Advanced classes The Blacksmith (Japanese: 鍛冶 Kaji) is an advanced class exclusive to Fire Emblem Fates and aligned with Hoshido. One of two potential promotions of the Oni Savage, the Blacksmith is adept at wielding katanas in addition to the clubs they'd wielded before.

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This guide to the classes of Fire Emblem Fates should help you decide how to structure your teams as well as how to adjust their classes to your liking. Make sure you wait until Level 20 before you use a Master Seal on your characters, if possible.. Oni Savage: (Starter) A club wielder who fights like a demon. Has high STR and DEF.

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Fire Emblem Fates Role. Hayato is a playable character in Birthright and Revelation and appears as an enemy in Chapter 20 in the Conquest route.. Oni Savage, starting from level 10 Death Blow: Oni Chieftain, starting from level 5 Counter: Oni Chieftain, starting from level 15

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The Oni Savage (Japanese: 鬼人 Kijin) is a basic class debuting in Fire Emblem Fates. Oni Savages can wield clubs, the Hoshidan variant of the more common axe weapon type. They have impressive strength and defense, but are let down by below-average skill, which exacerbates the already low accuracy of their weapons.

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The Oni Savage is a combat physical class that is introduced to in Fire Emblem Fates. An offensive class that could be thought of as the Hoshidan interpretation of the classic Fighter class, the Oni Savage class specialises in Strength and Defense.

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The Oni Savage (JPJapanese: 鬼人Romaji: KijinMeaning: Demon Man) (Oni Barbarian in the German version) is an offensive class first appearing in Fire Emblem Fates as the Hoshidan variant of the Fighter class. Oni Savages use clubs and even benefit from their high strengths and defenses, but they.

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The Oni Chieftain is a combat physical and magic class that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. One of the possible promotions of the Oni Savage class, Oni Chieftains wield Clubs and Scrolls as their weapons of choice and are treated as a Hoshidan class.

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Oni Savage and Hinata's growths aren't good enough for him to trudge through E rank Clubs. Swordmaster or Master of Arms is up to the player. Swordmaster keeps his speed mildly acceptable with good growths but Master of Arms has more defense.

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If your final class is Blacksmith (which is better so you can use Yato), -MAG cause you don't need that stat unless you want to do Levin Sword or Bolt Axe shenanigans which would waste that Death Blow from Oni Chieftain. -mag is bad because it also lowers res and, much more importantly, speed. Res drop does suck, but to be fair, what other bane.

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Fire Emblem Wiki 12,565 pages Explore Worldwide Japan-only Misc. Community in: Classes Blacksmith Sign in to edit Blacksmith Generic class portrait of a Blacksmith. Name (JP) 鍛冶 First Seen Fire Emblem Fates Promotes From Oni Savage Promotes To N/A Usable Weapon Types Sword Axe Class Skills Salvage Blow, Lancebreaker [view]

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Hinata/Rinkah: Hinata's Primary Class is Samurai, and Rinkah's is Oni Savage. Therefore, Hinata would Marriage Seal into Oni Savage. As Hinatas Secondary Class is Oni Savage, she would not receive a new class tree from Rinkah. Hinata/Hana: Hinata's Primary Class is Samurai, and Hana's is Samurai.

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View Full-sizeOni Savage. Subscribe to Premium to Remove Ads Hoshidan.. A club wielder who fights like a demon. Has high Strength and Defense.… Contents Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation. Notifications View All. No unread notifications!. Login; Search. Go Premium. Collapse Contents. Introduction. Welcome. Foreword. 1. Overview of Fates. 2.

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#1 (message deleted) Kozunai 7 years ago #2 SavageFury21 posted. I married Azura, and picked Samurai as my secondary since I desperately wanted Astra. Am I screwed out of it since there's no male.

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Salvage Blow Lance Breaker Ratings * Last rounds skills have been bolded 8.6 - Elbow Room 8.5 - Nobility 8.3 - Locktouch, Move +1 7.9 - Shelter 7.7 - Dragon Fang 7.5 - Heartseeker, Sol 7.3 - Life Taker, Vantage 7.2 - Replicate, HP+5, Astra 7.1 - Luna, Devilish Wind, Draconic Hex, Rend Heaven, Seal Defense

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The Oni Chieftain (Japanese: 修羅 Syura) is an advanced infantry class exclusive to Fire Emblem Fates. It is a Hoshido -aligned class which is one of two class change options for the Oni Savage.