Monika has seen your history and want's nothing to do with you anymore

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Save Me (Act 2) is a poem given to you by Monika in Act 2 of Doki Doki Literature Club! The poem reads as a contorted version of the same poem in Act 1, as most of the… Read More Sep. 22,.

The poem "control" by Monika in the physical release of the ddlc plus

74 pages Explore DDLC! DDLC Plus! Soundtrack Easter Eggs in: Characters, Characters in DDLC English Monika (DDLC) Sign in to edit Monika (DDLC) Gallery Sprites Poems Hey, hold up! This page may contain a lot of spoilers. It's recommended you play the game first before you read the article. Monika view image General Information Name Monika Age

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October 9, 2017 3 Guide on how to unlock the secret Monika route. It requires a little file manipulation. Other DDLC Guides: Walkthrough (Girl Guide). Monika Ending. Secrets Guide. Introduction Ever noticed how you can't impress Monika on the poem writing scene? As you can see, Monika is not visible in the bottom right.

I just finished the game. I felt horribly bad for Monika. The way she

ZaunAura Poem Words for Monika Monika <3 Hello r/justmonika ! I wanted to share this list of potential poem words that I've compiled together over time whilst on my journey to discover who Monika is. Here's the current iteration. Some of the words you may recognize from Monika Before Story mod. How's the list look so far?

Monika has seen your history and want's nothing to do with you anymore

Team Salvato. Monika's Poems - Doki Doki Literature Club! Tracklist. 1.

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The reason for this is that writing poems is a great way to gain favor with a particular character, and each of the game's characters have their own preferred batch of words. Each word you choose is worth between 1 and 3 points with 3 points being the highest and the best option to choose when it comes to gaining favor with a particular.

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Welcome to the literature club, spend the evening with just Monika and share your favorite works of literature and poems. Don't worry, this time it'll be fun.

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found this at the bottom of Monika's second poem. Oh god, I really regret putting that there. I'm sure we're going to have a ton of lewd jokes again. I understand. I'm getting enough lewd jokes as it is.. The lewd jokes are your own fault. Also, never use the word stalker again for the love of jeuse.

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Monika's Poem : Save Me. The colors, they won't stop. Bright, beautiful colors Flashing, expanding, piercing Red, green, blue An endless Cacophany Of meaningless noise. The noise it won't stop. Violent, grating waveforms Squeaking, screeching, piercing Sine, Cosine, Tangent Like playing a chalkboard on a turntable.

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Yuri: "I think I fought Omega Flowey.". Monika and Natsuki: "WHAT?". Yuri: "I can't say for sure because it was really dark, but I remember dodging a lot of bullets, lasers and vines from this massive flower-like thing.". Natsuki: "…yep, sounds like Omega Flowey to me.".

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18 4.31 8,724 1,421 (16%) 12-15h 8,724 gamers are tracking their Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! achievements. Click here to track your progress. Perfect! Monika achievement in Doki Doki.

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No! I can't see. I reel, blind, like a film left out in the sun. But it's too late. My retinas. Already scorched with a permanent copy of the meaningless image. It's just a little hole. It wasn't too bright. It was too deep. Stretching forever into everything. A hole of infinite choices. I realize now, that I wasn't looking in. I was looking out.

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1 contributor "Hole in the Wall (Part One)" is Monika's first poem that she shows to the player. She does not give the player a direct explanation of the poem's meaning, but she does state.

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Poems Hey, hold up! This page may contain a lot of spoilers. It's recommended you play the game first before you read the article. For her poems in the original game, go here. During the side stories, there's sometimes poems that the club members write that are apart of the story. The list below is Monika 's poems. Contents 1 Trust 1.1 Trust 2 Poem