How to Do Siren Eyes Makeup StepbyStep Tutorial, Tips + Video Real

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The siren eye makeup trend evokes the seductive energy of the siren into eye makeup, giving the person with siren eyes the illusion of an irresistible, captivating glare. Siren eyes.

How to Do Siren Eyes Makeup StepbyStep Tutorial, Tips + Video Real

01 Tip No. 1: Apply Eyeshadow First View on TikTok Jessica Carrasco (aka @slaybyjess) starts by applying a cool-toned matte brown color to the lid, then flicks her brush out and up to make the.


What Do Siren Eyes Look Like? Think of siren eyes as a smoky take on winged eyeliner. The look sports the slightest flick in the outer corner with a subtle downward flick in the inner corner and a little bit of smoky eyeshadow that helps widen and elongate your eye shape.


1 Use brown eyeshadow to line the upper lash line. Add a small amount of matte brown eyeshadow to a small blending brush. Gently drag the brush along the upper lash line, focusing on the middle to the end of the eye and flicking out toward your temple. This will help elongate your eyes if you don't naturally have almond-shaped eyes. [1]

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HOW TO CREATE SIREN EYES: • Using a black eyeliner pencil, draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye and stop at just above the crease. We recommend using Maybelline's TattooStudio Gel Pencil Eyeliner in Deep Onyx. • Connect the line back to your lashes to create an elongated wing shape.

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Updated At 18 Sep 23 For many years, eyeliner has been an integral part of women makeup routines. However, as is customary on TikTok, a new fad emerged: the Siren Eyes. It's a smoked-out, elongated, sensual, and seductive eyeliner style that looks well on almond eyes. The Siren Eyes motif evokes a dramatic and mysterious feminine appearance.


Sharing is caring! Do you want to know how to do siren eyes makeup? This step-by-step tutorial will show you how vs. a classic smokey eye! Siren eyes are a great way to add some drama and glamour to your look. If you have hooded eyes or you are looking for eye makeup that lifts and elongates your eye, this tutorial is for you!

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PRODUCTS USED:BPerfect Clinetelle Palette Benefit They're Real Ultra Precision Liner in Xtra BlackBenefit Bad Gal Bang MascaraClaudia Kilsby Half Lashes in H.

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1. Use a black pencil liner to draw a line from the outer corner of your eye and stop just above your crease. 2. Connect the line to your lashes creating a black wing 3. Connect the end of your wing to the crease by drawing a line across your upper eyelid 4. Use the black eyeliner on your upper waterline

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Step 1: Build Your Shadow. Start by patting a medium brown eyeshadow all over the lid and blend a lighter, warm brown shade onto the outer edge and crease. Next, smudge a dark brown shadow along your lash line and slightly blend it upward. For this, we recommend using the Urban Decay Mini Naked Palette in Half Baked.

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Learn how to do siren eyes makeup in this straightforward step-by-step tutorial. Read the full article to view 10+ trending styles and more at - https://www..

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How To Do Inner Eyeliner If You Have a Fold or Extra Skin (Triangle Technique) Here are the 2 most trending eye makeup styles - Siren Eyes and Doe Eyes. In this beginner friendly.

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Step 3: Blend the siren eyeliner using eyeshadow. Time to blend! Using your eyeshadow and a precision blending brush, such as the NYX Pro Makeup Pro Smudger Brush, blend your sharp line into a smokier shape. While blending, move the brush upwards and outwards motions to intensify the shape you've created.

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Siren eyes are a little more dramatic than the traditional smoky eye, which has a sooty, hazy energy. Imagine a Venn diagram - cat eye flick in one circle, smoky eye in the other - the siren eye would fall in that central region, taking the best bits of both eyeliner looks.There's a swoosh of inky black liner winged up to the heavens and extended down on the inner corner of the eye with an.