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Use the + and - keys to adjust time values. If you hit the - key down past 0, the time will set to 24 hours and count down from there. Remember that the + and - keys adjust time values, where as heat values are adjusted using the 'adjust' button, and pressure values use the 'pressure' button. Use the + and - keys for adjusting.

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The Instant Pot poultry setting is a pre-programmed cooking function that is optimized for cooking poultry. When you select the poultry setting on your Instant Pot, it automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature to ensure that your poultry is cooked to perfection. This setting is designed to cook poultry quickly and evenly, making it.

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Amy + Jacky's Tips! For newer Instant Pot models with no "Adjust" Button: press the program buttons to scroll through the three functions (i.e. Press "Saute" button twice to go from Saute Normal to Saute More) 4. Saute Button. Use this button to saute, brown, or simmer directly in the pot with the lid open.

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Place the lid on the instant pot and make sure it is set to sealing. Then press the "pressure cook" or the "manual" button depending on which instant pot model you have. Then the time will come up. Then adjust the + or the - to get to the cook time you need.

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Add the wings on top of the trivet, being sure they aren't resting on the bottom of the pot. Secure the Instant Pot lid, being sure the vent is set to "sealed" and not venting. Select high pressure cook for 8-10 minutes using the manual button. Once cook time is done, do a quick pressure release.

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The Poultry setting on the Instant Pot is designed to: - Bring the pot up to high pressure (around 10-11 psi). - Maintain a cooking temperature between 245°F and 250°F once pressurized. - Adjust cooking time automatically based on the amount and type of poultry added. For example, if you are cooking a whole chicken weighing 4-5 lbs, the.

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DianeBcurious. •• Edited. The Poultry button/mode (discontinued unfortunately in the latest IP models to make way for other buttons) is pre-programmed to cook poultry in the "best" possible way by changing the basic 4 variables of: temperature, heating intensity, pressure, and (cooking) duration. The Manual mode/button (now renamed the.

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Activate the Sauté function, brown the meat for 1-2 minutes on each side, then add the remaining ingredients and liquid. Finally, secure the lid and set your Instant Pot to the Poultry mode. INSTANT POT RICE SETTING. The Rice button on the Instant Pot is specifically designed for preparing medium and long-grain white rice.

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The poultry button, compared to other buttons, is on a very limited set of Instant Pot models. The Instant Pot Duo Nova and Duo model series include the poultry button on the 6 quart and 8 quart models. For the Duo Nova, the poultry button is also on the 10 quart mode, the largest Instant Pot currently available.

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Press Adjust button to navigate to the Less setting to cook for 20 minutes or navigate to the More setting to cook for 60 minutes. Press the Plus or Minus buttons to navigate to a time other than those programmed. Press Pressure to change the pressure setting from high to low (remember low pressure is on the DUO only).

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Use the Pressure Cook button as an alternative. There is no need to worry if the Poultry button is not built-in on your model of Instant Pot. There are other quick methods to cook your chicken. Put the chicken into the Instant Pot, plug it in, and then cook the chicken manually by using the pressure cook setting for 20 to 30 minutes.

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The Poultry Setting on the Instant Pot is specifically designed to cook poultry items like chicken, turkey, or duck. It automatically adjusts the cooking time and temperature for the best results. On the other hand, the Manual setting allows you to customize the cooking time and temperature for any recipe, including poultry dishes.

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How to Use the Timer Function: Select either manual (pressure cooking) or slow cooker mode, as these are the only two modes compatible with the timer function. Set your cooking time. Within 10 seconds of setting the cooking time, press the 'timer' button. Use the +/- keys to set the desired delay time.

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Add meat, seasonings and liquids to the pot. Secure and lock the lid. Select the Meat/Stew button. The default Instant Pot meat setting is pre-programmed to set the pot to cook at High pressure for 35 minutes, which is suitable for most dishes like beef stew or pulled pork.


The poultry button makes it possible to cook poultry with a low-pressure setting and a longer cooking time by presetting the cooking pressure, heat intensity time, and temperature. The poultry setting sets a base cooking time and you can adjust it as needed. By default, the button cooks at high pressure for different lengths of time.

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Preheat the pot on saute with some oil and season your pork loin. After 3-4 minutes of heating, add the loin to the pot to brown the sides. Remove the pork loin and add 1.5-2 cups of liquid to the pot. Then, add the trivet or steamer basket and place the pork inside.