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Here, we have listed used, decommissioned military submarines for sale. Currently, we are undertaking military submarines, World War II (ww2) submarines, abandoned submarines, and non-military diesel-electric submarines that are available for sale.

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Buy submarines. Submarines for sale on are listed for a range of prices, valued from $753 on the more basic models to $3,300,000 for the most expensive. The boats can differ in size from 0.53 m to 20.42 m. The oldest one built in 1990 year. This page features Triton Boats, Commercial, Triton, Penguin, Agena Marin, Ibubble, Seabob.

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Though decommissioned military submarines from war will be on the market with more discretion. Some submarines such as a yellow semi-submarine sea discoverer, built in 2006, would go for around $300,000 while a two-dive sub built in 2003 goes for about $115,000. source. While many submarine websites do not boast a professional look, there is.

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The Personal Submarine. Item 11726. This is the two-person submersible that can descend to a depth of 1,000'. Providing access to underwater features such as coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor, a completely transparent, climate-controlled 3 1/4"-thick acrylic pressure sphere keeps explorers safe while dipping even into the mesopelagic.

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Experience the beauty of Australia's Great Barrier Reef in your own personal submersible, bespoke to your tastes and fully integrated with your yacht. Triton Leisure submersibles are the most comfortable, spacious and luxurious way to explore the fabulous majesty of the deep. Commercial Submersibles

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1,000 m 3 8,000 kg 12 hrs. The TRITON 3300/3 MKII is Triton's flagship professional submersible, revered by scientists and filmmakers alike for its capability, dependability and endurance. Extensible lighting rigs, science skids and tooling options make it the perfect choice for three professionals working to depths of 3,300 ft (1,005 m).

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Submarines for Sale- Buy Personal New or Used Subs, See Price & Specs Submarines For Sale! Use our SUBMARINE SEARCH to filter the right submarine for yourself among all available personal submarines for sale.

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22.97 ft Used $105,731 Class: Submarines 2018 Triton 1650/3Lp Submarine for sale Triton Fort Lauderdale Florida, United States of America 2018 10.43 ft New $3,300,000 Class: Submarines 2020 Penguin Semi-Submarine 2.0 Party Boat for sale Penguin Martin County Florida, United States of America 2020

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The submarine's low height and even lower hoist point make an ideal for setup in confined spaces - say a superyacht tender garage - without compromising on comfort, practicality, and performance. The Aurora-3C also offers extras including a robotic arm, HD video systems and a fly-out rover with HD camera.

MiniSubmarines for Sale Small Recreational, Research, Sport, Used Submersible

Discover our 2 to 7 person private and professional submersibles and submarine models with depth ratings ranging from 100m to 2300m. With over 12,000 dives performed on SEAmagine subs, we have more dives accumulated on our submarines than all of our competitors combined.

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Powerful Small Submersibles for Challenging Missions. The Ocean Pearl submersible is an ABS Classed robust mini-submarine for 2 persons (1 pilot + 1 Passenger) with depth rating options of 100m or 380m. This powerful professional sub, equipped with an array of subsea tools, is ideal for commercial work, underwater surveys & inspections, and.

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BOSS, as envisioned by the Rubin Design Bureau, is a 236-foot-long submarine with a displacement of 1,300 tons, about one-sixth the displacement of the U.S. Navy's Virginia-class nuclear-powered.

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See the full list of available submarines for sale. And here is the list of other available mini-submarines for sale. Now, let's see the branded small size personal luxury submarines that are available for sale with us- DeepFlight Luxury Submarines

MiniSubmarines for Sale Small Recreational, Research, Sport, Used Submersible

The majority of the submarines you see making expeditions to the depths of the ocean are classed all the way to 4,000m. *Please note that Triton Submarines is not to be confused or associated with the OceanGate-owned TITAN submarine that tragically malfunctioned and perished in June 2023. TRITON SUBMARINE 1650/3LP 2018 10′ 5″ TRITON.

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Below is the list of pre-owned (used) mini-submarines available for sale. Here is the list of all available personal submarines for sale. INQUIRY FORM Send Message Mini Submarines Sort By Product Search Price $ - $ Categories Dry Submarines (12) Sport Submarines (4) Recreational Subs (3) Research Subs (5) Operating Depth 100 M (3) 2300 M (1) 2m (4)

USS Batfish (SS310), a Balaoclass submarine famous for sinking 3 Japanese submarines in 4 days

1) Phoenix 1000 Phoenix 1000 Luxury Personal Submarine The Phoenix 1000 is one of the largest and the most expensive personal submarines ever built. It is 65 meters long and has an area of 5000 square feet. It consists of 10 bedrooms, a wine cellar, James, a fully equipped kitchen, jacuzzi, and several viewing areas.