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10. Nothing beats the feeling of being healthy and taking care of yourself. 11. Let's go on a juice retreat! 12. When life gives you lemons, squeeze them and add sugar, then drink the juice. 13. Combining colors and textures in a juice isn't just beautiful; it's also an art. 14.

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The juice in your body that makes you tell jokes. Recharges when you sleep.

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It's hard to juice-tify it. 11. They declared a juice, ending the battle. 12. I don't have a juice for this. So, I'll donate it. 13. The juice was juicing out of the fruit. 14. I don't have to volunteer. I juice to do it. 15. You're juice the cutest. 16. You arrived juice in time. 17. Dinosaurs get their juice from Juice-rassic Park.

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Funny Orange Jokes Awesome Orange Jokes Orange Knock Knock Jokes Prepare to laugh your peels off with this citrus-ly hilarious collection of orange jokes! Dive into the world of fruity humor, packed full of everything from playful orange punchlines to cheeky orange juice quips. As well as a few knock-knock jokes.

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Funny Juice Captions. Juice doesn't have to be boring! Spice up your next glass of juice with a funny and witty caption. Whether you're cracking a joke about how much pulp you like in your orange juice, or making a pun about the benefits of drinking carrot juice, a funny caption can turn a simple drink into a hilarious moment. So grab your.

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This TikTok User Shares Honest And Funny Juice Reviews That Will Make You Smile. The content we didn't know we needed. By Kelly Allen Published: Jun 08, 2020 3:13 PM EST. Save Article.

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Funny Juice Captions. Raw fruits are perfectly blended to produce the best fruit juice. Fruit juice will make you wanna try again. Every fruit juice is not costly. Try the best fruit juice near you now. We make the fruit juice which is loved by all. Every kid loves our fresh fruit juice. Fruit juice looks tasty and is tastier in reality.

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Juice Jokes, Squeezed for Some Laughs (Puns in Idioms) 1. I'm sorry, I can't speak right now, I'm really concentrating on my orange crush. 2. That new employee can really squeeze the most out of their workday. 3. My doctor told me to start juicing—but I don't see how my computer can make me healthier.

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These jokes are peel-arious!". Juicy Giggles: "Sipping on juice and giggling at these puns - it's the perfect recipe for a happy day!". With juice puns at your fingertips, every sip becomes an opportunity to spread smiles and brighten someone's day. So, sip, smile, and repeat - because laughter is the sweetest nectar of all!


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27. The lemon failed its driving test - it couldn't stay in its lime. 28. My orange juice wrote a memoir; it's pulp non-fiction. 29. Fruit juices love the gym; they're all about the squeeze. 30. The apple went to the doctor because it lost its peel.

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Memphis voiceover comedian Ig:tmoney_sofunnyFb: tmoney sofunny TikTok- tmoney_sofunnyTwitter: Live_tmoney

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Share these juice jokes and other food jokes with your friends so you can laugh out loud togheter! Alcohol 112 Coffee 38 Cough syrup 6 Drink 16 Favorite drink 29 Hot chocolate 7 Juice 12 Milkshake 12 Smoothie 9 Soft drink 27 Tea 29 Water 23.

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