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Directions: In a 2-qt. pitcher, combine 2-1/4 cups pineapple juice, 1 can cream of coconut and 1-1/2 cups rum. Chill. For each serving, place a generous cup of rum mixture and 1 cup ice in a blender. Cover and process until smooth. Pour into a chilled hurricane glass. Garnish each with a pineapple wedge.

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Woo Woo Punch or Party Shot. Woo Woo Party Punch: Increase the ingredients proportionally to fill a pitcher or punch bowl. For instance, use full 750-milliliter bottles of vodka and peach schnapps with about 50 ounces of cranberry juice. This will produce about 25 4-ounce drinks that can be served with or without ice.

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1½ ounces bourbon. ½ ounce dark rum. ½ ounce Turkish (or very strong) coffee, chilled or at room temperature. Combine sugar with bitters and 1 teaspoon water in a cocktail glass, stirring vigorously until sugar is dissolved. Fill a shaker with ice cubes, and then add bourbon, rum, coffee, and the sugar mixture.

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Jennifer Causey. Served in a copper mug, this classic cocktail will keep you cool all summer long. Created in the 1940s, the refreshing mixture of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice has long-lasting appeal. With just three ingredients, quality is key—use fresh limes, good vodka, and non-alcoholic ginger beer. 04 of 55.

BAR JUICE "healthy drink intelligent people"

Directions. In a rocks glass with ice cubes pour in the bourbon whiskey, peach schnapps, and orange juice. Stir gently to combine the ingredients and garnish with an orange twist for a citrusy flourish (optional). Introducing the "Easy Living" cocktail - a laid-back and visually inviting libation that embodies the spirit of relaxation in every sip.

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7 cups of filtered water. Instructions: First, you need to cook the ginger syrup on medium heat. Add the grated fresh ginger, water, and sugar to a saucepan. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, strain, and cool down. In a 2-liter bottle, add the yeast, ginger syrup, lemon juice, and 7 cups of water.

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This cocktail has an enticing pleasant tropical taste, instantly transporting you to a sunny island. It's smooth and somehow creamy. As with everything else.

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Get ready to sip on a taste of luxury with our Easy Living cocktail recipe! This easy-to-make drink features the perfect blend of vodka, sherry, pear liqueur, lemon juice, egg white, cinnamon syrup, and ice. Impress your guests with this refreshing and fruity concoction, made in a shaker with a strainer and juicer.

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Highball. Pick up a six-pack of ginger ale, grab a whiskey bottle, then mix up the "Highball" of all highballs. Depending on your whiskey of choice, each drink costs just a dollar or two. Tall drinks save the most money because they naturally take longer to drink.

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Whether you are hosting a cocktail party or want to shake up drinks for your dinner for two, we have plenty of quick and easy drink recipe ideas. Check out our party punch recipes for a crowd, easy vodka, rum, or whisky cocktails or even our non-alcoholic punches, including milkshakes, and frozen.

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This easy non-alcoholic cocktails can be made for one or for a crowd. Get the recipe. Piña Colada Mocktail With 3 Ingredients. An easy non alcoholic piña colada mocktail for 1 or a crowd. Get the recipe. Guava Mocktails. This simple guava mocktail with lemon and mint is refreshing, healthy and delicious. Get the recipe.

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Prepare any one of these Turmeric Smoothie Recipes on the regular to enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up or portable beverage. The special blend of anti-inflammatory turmeric, vegetables, and fruit will keep you fueled until dinner time. And if you are in need of a gentle energy boost with some extra greens, this Kale Pineapple Smoothie sure does.

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Easy Living is bracing full bodied cocktail at 1.2 standard drinks. Shaken with 20ml vodka blueberry koskenkorva and 20ml sherry dry golden with 10ml pear liqueur xante as well as 20ml lemon juice including 15ml egg white also 15ml cinnamon syrup together with 100ml ice and best served with farinaceous starchy dishes.

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Introducing the Easy Living Drink Recipe - a blend of tropical flavors and natural ingredients that will transport you to a state of tranquility with every sip. Here's what you'll need: Ingredients: - 1 cup coconut water - 1/2 cup pineapple juice - 1/4 cup lime juice - 1 tablespoon honey - Ice cubes - Mint leaves (optional.

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This archetypal gin sour is incredibly simple to make at home. All you need is gin, some lemons and some honey (with which you'll make honey syrup ). If you've been wanting to get better acquainted with gin, this three-part cocktail is the gateway into the world of the juniper-based spirit. Honey syrup adds body and light floral notes that.