Wild Harvests Homemade Berry Rake

Wild Harvests Homemade Berry Rake

In‌ this article, we unveil the secrets of creating your very own DIY berry foraging kit, tailored to cater to your individual needs and style. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world ‌of ‌berry-stained hands, satisfying rustles in the undergrowth, ‍and the incomparable taste of nature's edible gems. Table of Contents

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Day 226: Do-it-yourself Huckleberry Rake. I'm still excited about my huckleberry adventure and the halibut and huckleberry dinner that followed. Two crystal canning jars of garnet jelly wait on the countertop and tempt everyone passing. Jaden asked me three times in two days if he can open a jar.

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Step 2: The First Cut. I used 1 1/4 inch PVC for this berry picker. A smaller version, using 1 inch pipe turned out to be too small for the berries I was after, but might be good for smaller berries. The first cut is made at quite a sharp angle. This gives you plenty of material to cut the two "fingers" out of.

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A little technique involved, but definitely picked 3x or 4x more than without it. I cut a "comb" in the bottom of the plastic bottle and the hole on the sid.

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Berry rakes are a great way to increase berry picking speed - common smaller commercial ones are great for kids.

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The wood rake's bottom is flat. If it is tipped downward your berries roll out. This was easy enough to compensate for, I simply emptied it into my bucket after each pass. This did make it slightly slower than using the metal rake. With it you could make four or five passes and then empty it into your bucket.

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This article details two berry picker projects which are ideal for picking berries such as bilberries and cowberries. Both designs have a series of stiff prongs like a comb. The pickers are used by pushing the comb through the foliage; the berries, being too large to pass between the prongs, get plucked free and are temporarily contained within.

Wild Harvests Homemade Berry Rake

Apr 21, 2013 - DIY blueberry rake I made using a milk jug and some bamboo skewers. No tape or glue required. Just poke holes through the plastic jug carefully to weave the skewers in and out twice to create rigidity to the structure. I spaced them by eye. For wild alaskan blueberries the spaces were a bit wide but it still worked well. You could use this or a similar contraption to harvest.

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Meeting these guidelines at a field near a farm building would be easier than attempting to do rake-your-own at a more remote wild blueberry field. Renting a portable toilet during the months of picking may be the best option for wild blueberry growers as the picking location will change yearly with the crop cycle.

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A blueberry rake -- which looks like a dustpan with rake-like tines -- makes the picking process less psyche souring. Because many of the low-growing varieties are firm or semi-firm, they stand up relatively well to this slightly less-than-delicate type of harvesting. That said, the raking method takes some skill and a proper stance, so that.

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If the berries are sparse, stick to picking one berry at a time, by hand. In most wild huckleberry patches, thankfully, the rake will really get you a lot more huckleberries, faster (before you poop out!) You WILL get more huckleberry leaves in your bucket with a rake, than when picking by hand. But since the huckleberries are usually washed.

DIY blueberry rake I made using a milk jug and some bamboo skewers. No

Homemade blueberry comb / picker from scrapwood and old bicycle tire spokes. It works ok - about 3-4 times faster than pure handpicking. But also there are 4.

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3. Bow Rake. Photo: homedepot.com. A bow rake is generally considered homeowners' best bet for leveling dirt, sand, and other materials that are heavier than leaves. The tines of a quality bow.

Wild Harvests Homemade Berry Rake

Attach the Teeth. The teeth are what pluck the berries from the bush. They are attached to the bottom of the box and should be sturdy enough to bend slightly so they pass through the bush, but not break. Try repurposing old tines from a garden rake or purchase thick, pointed wooden dowels. For a solid bottom box make them about 3 inches long.

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Esschert Picker. The Esschert picker looks like it came from the shelves of an Ikea. It's got a simple design of wood and metal. The wide spaces between the combs mean this picker best suits larger berries like blueberries or blackberries. Ensure the metal parts are dry after each use to prevent rusting.


This has to be the easiest to make and cheapest fruit berry harvester.It is very comfortable to hold and the prongs which comb the fruit from the branches ar.