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Wallen Chasin' You (Dream Music Video) YouTube

With lines like "Chasin' that you and me I only see in my rearview", "Chasin' You" has highlighted that Wallen knows how to pine. "Chasin' You" appears on his debut album, "If I Know Me," and was co-written by Jaime Moore and Craig Wiseman, explains The Boot. Country Now writes that in the song Wallen looks back on a relationship with an ex.

Wallen Chasin' You {lyric video} YouTube

Chasin' that you and me, I only see in my rearview. Yeah, I'm laying here tonight holding someone new. Still chasin' you, still chasin' you. [Chorus] Chasin' you like a shot of whiskey. Burning.

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Morgan Wallen' s "Chasin' You" is a song about not giving up on finding the perfect partner, instead choosing to chase them down -- or at least continue to keep them in your memory, even when with.

Wallen Chasin' You (Lyric Video) YouTube

Listen to "Chasin' You" now!Listen to "Chasin' You" here: https://MorganWallen.lnk.to/IfIKnowMeGet updates from Morgan Wallen here: https://bit.ly/2FRP7LKTo.

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Wallen Chasin' You (Lyrics) YouTube

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Wallen Chasin' You (Lyrics) YouTube

Morgan Wallen begins his If I Know Me Tour on Friday night in Rosemont, Illinois. Ahead of the kickoff, the Tennessee singer-songwriter has released a video for his song "Chasin' You.". A.

Wallen Chasin' You Lyrics Genius Lyrics

On Morgan Wallen's "Chasin' You", he is addressing a romantic interest, apparently one he was particularly close to when they were children. As life progressed, their respective pursuits drove them apart. Or more specifically, she decided to move to Los Angeles in search of fulfilling a dream. So now the singer has gone about.

Wallen Chasin' You (Lyrics Video) YouTube

Morgan Wallen performed his smash hit single "Chasin' You" at the 2020 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday (Oct. 21). The country superstar performed live from Ruskin Cave in Dickson, Tennessee. Producers really set the mood for his performance with string lights and dimly lit wine bottles. "Chasin' You" appears on the superstar's debut.

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Wallen Chasin' You (Lyrics) YouTube

Morgan Wallen - Chasin' YouLyrics:We used to chase that Chattanooga freightCouple of kids in a ChevroletCatch a little air when we cross the tracksSipping on.

Wallen Chasin' You (Dream Music Video) YouTube

Chasin' You Lyrics by Morgan Wallen from the If I Know Me album- including song video, artist biography, translations and more: We used to taste that Chattanooga fray Couple a kids in a Chevrolet Catch a little air when we cross the tracks Sipp…

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Songfacts®: Here, Morgan Wallen reflects on an old flame that he just can't get out of mind. Even though he's lying in bed "holding someone new," the singer is still chasing his ex "like a shot of whiskey." Wallen wrote the song with Craig Wiseman and Jamie Moore back in 2016. It was one of the first songs Wallen wrote after arriving in.

Wallen Chasin You (Lyrics) YouTube

Chasin' You. " Chasin' You " is a song co-written and recorded by American country music singer Morgan Wallen. It was released in July 2019 as the fourth single from his 2018 studio album, If I Know Me. [1] Wallen wrote the song, along with Jamie Moore and Craig Wiseman .

Wallen Chasin You (Lyrics) YouTube

Subscribe and press (🔔) to join the Notification Squad and stay updated with new uploadsListen to "Chasin' You" here: https://MorganWallen.lnk.to/IfIKnowMeF.