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For power boats, all other flags should be 5/8″ long for each foot of overall length. A 56-foot boat should have a 35-inch long flag. Proper boat flag size varies depending on the size of the boat in question. Semaphore flags (discussed below) are always made as an 18″ x 18″ square.

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If a black flag is raised the vessel has been disqualified from the race. Question: What does a Blue Flag mean on a boat? Answer: Blue and white means a diver is in the water. Blue not on signal flags shows a regard for the environment. You could create your own custom blue boating flag the show your support of the environment here.

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Two of the most essential pieces of equipment for divers, aside from their diving gear, are two identifying flags: the blue and white Alpha flag and red and white diver down flag. Other Activities The Alpha flag signifies restricted ability to maneuver and must be flown from the boat hosting divers or snorkelers.

Blue And White Marine Flag Meaning About Flag Collections

The Alpha flag, officially known as International Code flag "A", is a blue and white pennant flag that is flown on a diving vessel. This internationally-recognized flag indicates to other boaters that the vessel is engaged in diving activities and therefore has reduced maneuverability, meaning that other boats must cede the right of way.. According to the International Regulations for.

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International Nautical Flag Meanings. Each flag representing a letter of the alphabet has a meaning. The meanings are as follows: A or Alpha - keep clear, diver down. B or Bravo - carrying dangerous cargo. C or Charlie - yes. D or Delta - keep clear. E or Echo - altering course to starboard.

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For instance, the "A" flag signifies a vessel's need for assistance altering its course. While the "R" flag indicates the intention to maneuver reversely. By using these flags appropriately, boats can communicate their intentions, thereby reducing the risk of collisions and maintaining a safe navigation environment.

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Nautical flags can have many meanings: Complex messages. Warnings. Secret coded messages. Military communication. Indications for speed and direction. Race start signals and shortened courses. As an experienced boater, it's important to be familiar with the common meanings for many popularly used nautical flags.

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International meanings for nautical flags: A: Alpha - diver down; I am undergoing a speed trial. B: Bravo - carrying dangerous cargo. C: Charlie - yes (affirmative) D: Delta - keep clear of me, I am manoevering with difficulty. E: Echo - altering course to starboard. F: Foxtrot - I am disabled, communicate with me.

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The following table contains all 40 common nautical flags in the International Code of Signals and their meanings: I have a diver down; keep well clear; maintain slow speed. White with blue swallowtail; or a red flag dissected by a diagonal white stripe. I am taking in, discharging, or carrying dangerous goods.

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Flags vary in size according to the size of the boat you have. This is done for aesthetic reasons, with flags being roughly 1" in length for every foot of boat length. Flying the wrong flag in a given situation may result in a fine. Signal flags can cost from $12 for one and up to $175 for a complete set.

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Flags have color schemes of blue, black, red, yellow and white. These colors were chosen because they stand out well and are easy to see at a distance. Flags can be flown one flag at a time or up to seven in a row, depending on the message you're trying to convey. There are also 10 pennant-style flags for the numbers 0 through 9.

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A combination of flags denotes the numbers 10 and up. 4. Consider the color of the flag. Nautical flags only use five colors: Black; Blue; Red; White; Yellow; Not coincidentally, each of these stands out against the sky, easily seen through binoculars or with the naked eye. You might see a solid-color flag or one with a combination of colors.

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For the numbers 10 and larger, a boat would combine flags. 3. Colors are by choice. The only colors you'll find on nautical flags are black, blue, red, yellow, and white. These colors stand out quite well when seen with your own eyes on the horizon or through binoculars. Flags can be a solid color or a combination of colors, too. 4.

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Two types of flags are used to indicate diving activity. Divers Flag: A rectangular red flag with a white diagonal stripe (divers flag) may be used to indicate the presence of a submerged diver in the area, but it does not meet the state and federal requirements for display. Alfa Flag: A blue-and-white International Code Flag A (or Alfa flag.