10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia 2023 Beyond the Liberty Bell

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The Kensington neighborhood is a former industrial district of Philadelphia. This 2 square kilometer area has become the largest drug market in the United States. Invaded by more than 1 drug addicts and drug dealers who wage war with each other, Kensington has become the most dangerous neighborhood in Philadelphia.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Philadelphia, PA [2023] HomeSnacks

The Ultimate Philadelphia Neighborhood Guide. Pennsylvania's largest city truly packs a punch, housing a plethora of vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhoods. Spoil yourself with award-winning bites, sumptuous spa treatments, renowned hotel stays and unforgettable performances. From Avenue of the Arts to Chestnut Hill, Old City and.

10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia 2023 Beyond the Liberty Bell

Examining Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia exposes the city's varied terrain and the difficulties its citizens endure. Philadelphia struggles with inequality while having a thriving culture, which is most noticeable in what are referred to as the city's poorest districts. These neighborhoods provide a complex picture of the realities of the city because of their high […]

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The worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia are Tioga-Nicetown, Strawberry Mansion, Alleghany West, Fairhill, Haddington-Carroll Park, Hunting Park, Germantown, Logan-Fern Rock, Kensington, and Harrowgate. As mentioned earlier, the neighborhoods in Philadelphia aren't all bad.

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The crime rates in Academy Gardens are 38% lower than the national average and 60% lower than the city average, earning the fifth spot on our list. Academy Gardens is considered the fifth safest neighborhood in Philadelphia. The violent crime rate per 100K people comes in at 352 and property crime is 1,260 for 2020. 6.

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7. Haddington-Carroll Park. Haddington-Carroll Park, located on the West side of Philadelphia, is usually mentioned of all the "areas to prevent in the Philadelphia map.". This neighborhood, meant to become an amiable non-commercial area, is wrestling with a significant criminal rate of 1,588 crimes per 100,000 people.

10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia 2023 Beyond the Liberty Bell

Among the most dangerous neighborhoods of Philadelphia include Strawberry Mansion, Elmwood, Hunting Park, and Fairhill. Let us now deeply analyze the worst areas in Philadelphia below and what qualities have established their places on this list. 10. North Central.


Chestnut Hill features a variety of housing types, including grand Victorian homes, cozy cottages, and modern townhouses. Median Sale Price: $601,250. Average Rent for 1-Bedroom Apartment: $2,033 | Average Rent for 2-Bedroom Apartment: $2,296. Homes for Sale in Chestnut Hill | Apartments for Rent in Chestnut Hill. 5.

10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia 2023 Beyond the Liberty Bell

1. Tioga-Nicetown. 17,382 people live there. $24,935 is the average annual income. The crime rate is 2639 per 100,000 inhabitants. Look up Nicetown if you want to know where the most hazardous section of Philadelphia is. Nicetown-Tioga is now Philadelphia's worst neighbourhood.


10. North Central Philadelphia. North Central Philadelphia is located in the northern part of the city and is home to a population of 21,880 people. Unfortunately, it has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Philly due to its high crime rate of 1,982 per 100,000 people in 2022.

10 Worst Neighborhoods In Philadelphia 2023 Beyond the Liberty Bell

Best neighborhood for a night out. North of Old City, Fishtown is one of Philadelphia's most vibrant neighborhoods for food and music lovers, but it's also home to a robust craft beer scene. At Philadelphia Brewing, one of the oldest breweries in town, visitors can tour the facility to learn about its history and process before sampling.

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Tioga-Nicetown. Population 17,382. 195 %. Violent Crimes 3,075 crimes / 100k people. 195% more crime than Philadelphia.

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Key Takeaways. Most Dangerous Neighborhoods: Tioga-Nicetown, Hunting Park, Strawberry Mansion, Fairhill, Alleghany West, Harrowgate, Haddington-Carroll Park, Elmwood, Frankford, and North Central stand out as the most challenging areas in Philadelphia. Cultural Diversity and Vibrancy: Philadelphia, not the state capital but still a cultural hub.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Philadelphia and Safest

Discover the 10 worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia, including the slums and high crime areas. Whether you're a local or planning a trip, avoid these dangero.


Where are the 10 worst neighborhoods to live in Philadelphia? We looked at several factors, including quality of life, employment rates, home values and crim.

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Philadelphia, PA [2023] HomeSnacks

The population of North Central is estimated to be 21,880. This neighborhood has a violent crime average that is 524% higher than the national average, which helps to explain why it can be so intimidating. Although this neighborhood is on the list of Philadelphia's worst, it does have some great features.